Advanced Technology

We believe in using the best dental equipment for diagnosing and treating our patients. By investing in advanced technology, you can save time in our office and experience more comfortable dental care. By staying up-to-date on the dental technology that is available, we can incorporate safer and more convenient dental methods for giving you a great dental experience. From finding a problem to creating a solution, advanced technology gives us the tools to get the job done.

iTero Scanner

The iTero Digital Scanner allows our dental team to view a clear 3-D image of your smile. This 3-D imaging gives us more information than traditional 2-D x-rays. The images can be captured quickly and displayed on a screen so your dentist can show you the images that were taken. Seeing every area of your smile from different angles will allow your dentist to make more accurate diagnosis and plan properly for treatment. These digital images can be stored for future use or sent directly to a specialist when needed.

Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are located throughout our office to keep the air that is breathed clean and filtered. Air purifiers help keep our staff and patients safe from impurities in the air by constantly sanitizing. With state-of-the-art air purifiers, you can rest assured that the air you breathe in our office is pure. 

Negative Pressure Machines 

Negative pressure machines help filter bacteria from a controlled area. With negative pressure machines, we give our patients and our team the peace of mind that all air is constantly being circulated. These machines draw out the current air in each room and dispose of it outside the building, giving you fresh air at all times.

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