General Dentistry

One of the best ways to maintain a healthy smile is through regular dental check-ups! By receiving an exam and cleaning every six months, you can help your teeth and gums stay healthy from year to year. Small problems can be caught early and addressed right away. In addition to regular dental check-ups, there are many options in general dentistry for strengthening and protecting your smile. If you are looking for a dentist in Tannersville, PA, call our office today!


Tooth fillings are used for filling cavities. When decay has been removed from a tooth, a filling helps protect and preserve the natural tooth. Fillings are tooth-colored and blend in naturally with your smile. They’re made to last, so you can maintain your natural tooth for years to come!

Oral Cancer Screenings

At routine check-ups, your dentist will perform an oral cancer screening. When caught early, oral cancer is easier to treat. Oral cancer screenings are quick and painless. Your dentist will inform you if there are ever any concerns during a screening.

Exams & Cleanings

A regular dental check-up includes an exam, professional cleaning and x-rays whenever necessary. Your hygienist will perform a thorough cleaning to remove any plaque and tartar buildup. Your dentist will then examine your teeth and gums, answer any questions you may have and inform you of any dental concerns. By scheduling visits every six months, your smile can stay on the right track!

Gum Disease Therapy

The beginning stage of gum disease is easy to overlook. In fact, most patients don’t realize they have gum disease when it first begins. This is why it’s important to have consistent dental check-ups. When caught early, the symptoms of gum disease can be reversed. No matter the condition of your gums, our team can provide treatment through gum disease therapy. There are several options for treating your gums. After evaluating your mouth, your dentist can recommend the best options for your smile.


Dental sealants are a simple, quick treatment that can preserve your teeth and protect them from bacteria and decay. Dental sealants cover the hard-to-reach teeth in the back of your mouth by coating them with a clear plastic layer that adheres to the teeth and stays for years! Sealants are good for patients of all ages and can be applied during a regular dental check-up.

Tooth Extractions

We believe in tooth preservation and saving natural teeth whenever possible. However, there are circumstances where a tooth extraction can be the best thing for your smile. Whether you have severe decay, crowded teeth or an impacted wisdom tooth, there are several patients who end up needing an extraction at some point when working on their smile. If you ever need a tooth extraction in Tannersville, PA, or a second opinion, we welcome you to our office. We make our patients’ comfort a top priority through every tooth extraction.

TMJ Treatment 

Jaw pain, facial swelling, clicking jaw and ear pain are all symptoms that may indicate you need TMJ treatment. TMJ occurs when the jaw joint isn’t working properly. When the jaw joint is irritated, it can affect several areas in your face, neck and ears. If you are experiencing any trouble with your jaw, our team can examine your jaw alignment and provide treatment if needed. Many times, an oral appliance can relieve tension and allow your jaw to return to normal. 


If you suffer from teeth grinding or clenching throughout the night, you may be dealing with bruxism. Left untreated, bruxism can lead to pain and damage to your smile. Loose teeth or worn down teeth can be a result of constant grinding. If you are experiencing symptoms of bruxism in Tannersville, PA, we encourage you to schedule a consultation! A mouthpiece may be recommended to relieve your pain and protect your teeth at night.


If you or a loved one are involved in sports, a mouthguard is recommended to protect your smile while you play! Custom mouthguards stay secure and feel comfortable while you stay active. Many accidents involve the mouth during sports, and one accident could completely alter your smile. Call today to set up a visit for a custom mouthguard! 

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